Mexican Red Chile Adobo Marinade for BBQ Chicken

This dish is perfect for a BBQ with family and friends

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8 pieces of chicken

6 fresh red chiles

6 dried chiles

8 cloves garlic, separated with skin on

2 cloves

½ stick cinnamon

½ teaspoon cumin seed

½ teaspoon coriander

1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon thyme

1/3 cup cider vinegar



Roast garlic and fresh red chiles in a heavy skillet over medium heat for 15 min or until blackened on parts

The chiles will blacken first, the garlic takes a little longer

Meanwhile, quickly toast dried chiles by pressing down with spatula for a few seconds until it makes a subtle hiss

Careful as they will burn very quickly and you will have to discard blackened section

Soak, Skin & Pulverize

While fresh chile garlic roasts, remove stems from dried chiles, tear into pieces, and soak in bowl of boiling water for 30 min

While they roast and soak, pulverize herbs and spices in spice grinder, blender, or with mortar.


When roasting is complete, skin the fresh chiles along the blackened bits and remove garlic peels.  When soaking is complete, combine all ingredients in blender or food processor.

Combine marinade with chicken, and splash of olive oil in bowl or freezer bag, let sit in fridge for 2hrs or up to 3 days

This chicken can be cooked in the oven or sautéed whole or in slices, but it is most deliciously BBQ’d

Optional Afterlife

To create a spicy Bloody Mary mix or the base for a tomato soup, reserve 2-3 tbs of marinade and blend with two tomatoes roasted until brown and wilted on all sides and then peeled


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